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EOM Communications Limited
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About EOM Communications LTD.

EOM Communications Limited is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency offering a wide range of services targeted towards increasing brand visibility of our existing and prospective clients. The E.O.M. Business Network brand has won several awards to attest to its excellence. Given EOM’s resolute quest for excellence, we have grown steadily and extended our presence to Accra, Johannesburg and London.

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Clients' Testimonials

''I never expected much from the EOM Business Network Programme, I thought it was like every other business programme flooding the television screen. The EOM Business Network is an insightful and well packaged programme that every company should leverage and take advantage of, in order to elevate their niche.''
Kayode Adeleke
Senior executive vice president - Russell Smith Group
''EOM Business Network gave us a good, informative and educative program required for the growth of the Nigerian economy.''
Sir Kensington Adebutu (Con)
Chairman - Premier Lotto
''I had a pleasurable moment featuring on the EOM Business Network discuss. The interviewer exuded a high degree of professionalism and smoothly steered the discuss in a phenomenal manner embedding it with high degree of creativity and utmost sophistication.''
Mounir H. Gwarzo
Director General - Securities and Exchange Commission (Nigeria)


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