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About EOM Business Network


We work with clients of all sizes

EOM Communications Limited is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency offering a wide range of services targeted towards increasing brand visibility of our existing and prospective clients. The E.O.M. Business Network brand has won several awards to attest to its excellence. Given EOM’s resolute quest for excellence, we have grown steadily and extended our presence to Accra, Johannesburg and London.

We utilise an integrated approach which entails a powerful mix of traditional and digital tactics to achieve maximum impact in today’s marketing environment.

EOM Communications Limited is comprehensively structured to provide professional direction and the needed revolution to elevate the standard of media marketing practice in Nigeria.

Our unique strategy of providing bespoke advisory approach to clients’ and giving them the right exposure sets us apart.

Working together throughout the process, we guide you from interview to placement and provide support before, during and after the perfect match is made.
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