Mother Marries Own Son Because She Spent A Lot Of Money On His Education

A 47-year-old woman, Memory Njemani, has married her own biological son who is age 30 for reasons being that she spent a lot of money on his education.

According to Memory Njemani, she can’t sit to bear that another woman will enjoy what she has groomed her son into.

Memory Njemani went on to note that it is time for her to enjoy the labor and investment she made in her son.

Memory Njemani noted:

“I invested a lot of money in the education of my son. Why should another woman be married to him and enjoy the hard work I invested in him? That will not happen. I’m marrying my son so that we don’t empower other women who have been aborting.”

Meanwhile, society is rebuking the move charging that the woman is a wizard and must be burnt to ashes.

The public says she bewitched his son to marry her not the claims she is making. has gathered that the two have since married and are staying together.

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