Uwheru Killings: We Are Fighting Against Higher Powers Not Herdsmen – Muoboghare

Commissioner for Higher Education, Delta State, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare has stated that the people of the Uwheru Kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of the state are not fighting against herdsmen but the powers and principalities behind the herdsmen.

Muoboghare who stated this while responding on behalf of the Uwheru monarch during a visit of the UPU executives to the area, said the suspected herdsmen are not even indigenes of Nigeria but from Chad Republic, Niger Republic and Mali, yet the powers, principalities and those behind them in Nigeria have refused to give soldiers order to evacuate them.

According to Muoboghare: “the killings started on 13th of February and continued to 14th and on 15th of February, the boys got angry that they cannot sit down and continue to die in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen.

“Even when the soldiers attempted to visit the scene of the incident and the herdsmen dared the soldiers to cross the line and really they didn’t dare, it was not that the soldiers could not confront them but the order from the civilian leaders to the soldiers shows that it was an agenda, the following day the soldiers went and by then the herdsmen have left”, he said.

Muoboghare explained that whenever the herdsmen communicated with the soldiers it was language they don’t understand but from the tone they understand that they were from Chad Republic, Niger Republic and Mali, and not even Nigerians.

“I thought if non-Nigerians attacked Uwheru and we responded, we expected commendations from the Nigerian government that we are helping to fight strangers who are invading Nigeria territory but rather we are been punished for helping to protect Nigeria territory. My question is, are we really part of the Nigeria territory, if strangers can come to our land (Nigeria land} and kill people and nothing is happening, what is then our faith”, he added.

He posited that if they are allowed to fight to protect their territory, they are very capable to do so but they are not fighting against herdsmen but the powers and principalities and those behind them and it is those powers and principalities they want UPU to help handle.

Muoboghare commended the UPU for the visit, saying the visit was a healing balm to the people of Uwheru as they have always looked up to UPU. “When the world hear today that UPU moved its temporary headquarters to Uwheru, it will send a message to the whole world, we deeply appreciate it”, he added.

“I assure you a hundred percent that nobody in Uwheru gave anybody land for grazing purposes. They merely seized the lands from us, sir, even for us indigenes to acquire land here we know the intricacies that follow. They are using it as blackmail against us and other communities.

“I want you to use your usual tact to urge Urhobo traditional rulers and that of Delta South to toe the line of Delta North who gave the herdsmen two weeks ultimatum to vacate their land because that will ease the herdsmen out of our land”, he appealed.

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